About Wednesday Supper

Wednesday Supper provides delicious, nutrient-rich hearty stews that serve as full meals as well as soups to be served solo as a lighter meal or alongside something else (we love to eat these soups with grilled cheese or a roast chicken).

We use local, seasonal ingredients and high-quality (organic and pasture-raised) meats.

And unlike meal delivery companies that require significant preparation and result in multiple dirty pots and pans, Wednesday Supper meals require just one pot and a bowl.

Last, but definitely not least, all of our soups are made in small batches, in the same careful and thoughtful manner as if we were hosting you for dinner in our own kitchen.

Why Wednesday Supper? 

We often cook on Sundays which will last through Tuesday but by Wednesday, we're often wondering "Ugh, what's it going to be tonight?" (and by Thursday or Friday we're treating ourselves to pizza :). At Wednesday Supper, we provide a solution for this mid-week challenge. It'll arrive fresh at your doorstep, ready to eat (that said, it'll last through the weekend, and most soups and stews freeze well).

Wednesday Supper Commitment

We eliminate the excessive packaging - boxes, foam insulation, ice packs, etc. - that accompany most food deliveries, much of which end up in the recycling bin (at best) or garbage. Instead, we deliver meals in minimal, fully compostable packaging.

We also source our food locally, cutting down on the carbon footprint that accompanies food flown thousands of miles so that consumers can have non-seasonal produce, year-round.

Lastly, Wednesday Supper works with vendors who are committed to environmental sustainability in agriculture practices. This includes good stewardship of the natural systems and resources that farms rely on including building and maintaining healthy soil and managing water wisely.

About the Founder

Wednesday Supper was founded by Nicole Avril, a professionally trained chef, who decided to switch careers and go back to culinary school after realizing that feeding and nourishing those around her was her passion. Following a stint at Flour + Water, she founded Wednesday Supper.

Prior to culinary school, Nicole led the City of San Francisco’s effort on the design and restoration of the Geneva Car Barn and Power House, a historic former railway building which now provides arts-related training for under-served youth as well as serves as a vibrant arts and culture center. She also managed the early stages of the India Basin Waterfront Redevelopment Project, which is in the process of rehabilitating a former boatyard and current brownfield into a vibrant 10-acre waterfront park development in the City's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

When she is not cooking or gardening, she likes to hang out with her sons Mars and Hugo, and husband Dan. She also serves on the boards of arts organizations and tries to find time to do yoga and go on hikes (which she knows sounds rather cliché).

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